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Production Technology
From careful selection of quality raw materials to vigorous quality control process by our trained engineers, Thonburi Polybag becomes one of Thailand's leading manufacturer in a technological advanced PP Woven Bag industry. With over 200 employees rotating around the clock, we are confident that our PP Woven Bags are of the highest quality and keeping pace with ever-changing needs of our customers.

Thonburi Polybag's PP Woven Bags are known for the best quality, strength, and durability. Our PP Woven Bags have a fresh, crisp, modern design, and printed with vivid colors, which are suitable for all types of products.

At Thonburi Polybag, we never stop improving. With commitment, attention, and participation from every employees, we dedicate all of our knowledge, dexterity, and experiences to ensure only the utmost quality in each step of our production process.
Production Process
Raw Material Selection
We only use the highest quality of PP resins for our raw material in order to ensure efficient production process and lowest defects.

PP resins are combined with other raw materials by our automatic mixer and then transported to storage tanks awaiting for production

Combined resins are exported to our Tape Extruder Machine, which rolls and cuts the extruded sheets into PP yarn. PP Yarn then undergoes heat treatment and are elongated at a rate of 5 to 6 times.

Elongated PP Yarn will be spun into metal bobbins awaiting for the next production process. Here our QC technicians will continuously monitor the strength and elongation of PP Yarn, ensuring that only the best quality of PP Yarn will be used in our production.

Circular Weaving
PP Yarn will then be separated into warp and weft yarn, ready to be weaved by our automatic circular weaving machines.

Woven PP fabric can be laminated as per customers' requests for additional humidity and dust protection. We offer both matte and clear lamination.

We offer double sided 12-color combination printing system, both in circular printing and individual printing system.

Laminated and printed Woven PP fabric will be exported to automatic cutting machines, which simultaneously cut and sew the bottom of Woven PP Bags.

All of our Woven PP Bags will have to pass another quality inspection before being packaged into bales for distribution.

Our transport fleet are known for punctuality, service, and quality. We attempt to provide all of our customers the best quality of products, ensuring that all of your order will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Our inventory system are categorized and updated frequently, providing instant access and convenience. Printing blocks are stored separately in our warehousing facility.
Thonburi Polybag Company Limited are trusted nationwide by various industries for only the best
quality in PP Woven Bags.
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